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About Us
Our company

We are a consulting, coaching and training firm for the automotive industry. Gathering the work and knowledge of several consultants, managers and sales associates, to contribute their experiences and combining all with the new techniques and systems used today, resulting in a training program that accompanies the current market.

Our General Manager has more than 45 years in sales of which 40, have been dedicated to the automobile industry.

Supporting advisors are from consulting companies such as Half a Car, Reynolds Consulting Services, and also some has worked with Zig Ziglar Corp, Joe Verde Group and some independent contractors.

Our Mission

Deliver the knowledge and training to the automobile business that will take sales to the next level

Our Vision

We are not in the business of selling cars to customers. We are in the business of customers who buy cars

The program
Some of courses
Today can be the first day ... of the rest of your life
Training in all sales areas
The necessary tools to sell
The knowledge to become a professional seller in the
automotive industry
Help in getting certified in your manufacturer
Sales from A to Z
Sales from A to Z
Sales process
Negotiations and closing
Customer satisfaction
Dealer traditions
Sales process

The change that the market has undergone towards the cyber and digital world has managed to overcome the sales systems that until yesterday were effective.

It is the dealer's custom to invest a good sum and effort in attracting new customers, but little to retain them.

Training the sales force for customer service and attention is today the most important and lucrative investment that can be obtained.

That's why we managed to update and bring the sales process up to date, combining the experience accumulated by our training staff along with the technology of the moment.

Whether you
think you can
or think you can't
you're right
- Henry Ford
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